Jackson Family Lawsuit – Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Case – What Went Wrong? Teach Your Children Well

The people for the most part get it; here are a couple of comments from RadarOnline:  MJ was fully in charge of what he took. He was an adult and although I feel any doctor that is writing prescriptions like that should be brought down, Katherine just needs to admit that her son was an addict and died from it and move on.

no justice will be served regardless of who wins. Blaming a corporation to absolve yourself and your family from responsibility in the eyes & opinions of the public is pathetic.

What happened, where did it all go wrong?  While none of the rest of us are likely to create a billion dollar family crisis, here are some suggestions to teach your children how to make good decisions, and not to be like the Jackson family.

LaToya had “suspicions” at his passing.  OK, we all need to be suspicious, and especially in the Jackson family, that is pretty much a requirement, there have indeed been conspiracies, big and small, so I get it.  They also had to file in order to keep their legal rights open, OK I get that.

Then LaToya and Jermaine both wrote books, and Jermaine had a video too.  This is where it went wrong.  It is wrong to make up a fantasy about what happened before you get the evidence in.  When you are proven wrong, it is too late to go back and reconsider, isn’t it?  When you finally got to the Dr.’s trial, where all the information you could ever want came out, you just didn’t listen to anything that didn’t match what you had already decided on.


Michael came out not looking too good.  Our guy, who we love so much, so stubborn and out of control, like Amy Winehouse “Not going to rehab, and I said no, no, no!”  The bunch of you didn’t like the reality you got, so you just ignored it.

How did we all decide that Michael, a 50 year old adult, in the business for 40 of those years had no responsibility whatsoever in this story?  The blame keeps falling on the execs, THEY were supposed to be psychic and know what was going on behind the locked “medication” room.  THEY were supposed to be the rehab superheroes and force him to go to rehab, stop propofol, and fire Dr. Murray.  THEY were supposed to look at him and instantly access his health. It is absolutely ridiculous.

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO SAY “I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN LIFE.”  This will be a tough sell, and a lot of adults need this too.  Even if you don’t really believe it, practicing will get us all a lot closer.

It is off–the-charts scary that all eight of Katherine’s very adult children decided that evidence was of absolutely no use to them in any way.  This is really disturbing, because evidence is all we have to argue that Michael himself was innocent.  If you show how easy it is to throw away evidence, why should anyone else care about evidence, either?

Here is big news, evidence is unique to each and every case, you cannot assume one case is the same as another.  I know what was going on at the Jackson’s when recently there was a news note that they may be reopening Princess Diana’s death investigation.  They must have looked at each other and said “See, there IS something going on with a conspiracy to kill Michael”.  News Flash – not the same case!  TJ’s mom unfortunately died in a swimming pool, and later it was declared a homicide.  From CNN.com:  T.J. Jackson had earlier testified that his mother, Delores Jackson, was the victim of murder 19 years ago.  “My mother was murdered for money, too, so I don’t put that past anyone,” he said.  That is a different case.  It looks like not one Jackson adult anywhere takes on the responsibility of paying any attention to the evidence in the specific case.  It is weird, bazaar, scary and a very bad example of how to be an adult.  Apparently, they are all relying on someone else to know what’s going on.


Wait, I know they are going to blame it all on “Michael said, Michael said”.  So the guy who denied any chemical issues for 25 years, the guy stressed out, sleep deprived and on a wide variety of chemicals, you believe whatever he tells you now?  Fine, then what?  During this story, you forgot to keep asking “Then what?”  If Michael said something was going to happen, and blamed the execs, then you need some evidence to back that up.  During this entire trial, your side has not even produced a story about what they could have done to help him live longer.


“Investigate“ the Dr. we have to guess you mean “fire” the Dr. This finally is a story from the Jackson attorney in the closing arguments.  “No AEG, No Dr. Murray, No Propofol, Michael would still be here.”  Proven wrong already.  So what they want is no one to take a chance on Michael doing a show, and forever be going down in debt, that is what they think will ease his pain and worry?  He would be able to get sleep then?  I am not buying it.  He had been doing this crazy thing as long as 12 years earlier.  The Dr. in a way was incidental.  He had the Dr. there, but was still recruiting people to “help” him.  Anyone not with the program was out, and in a hurry. 

Your expert, at $900 an hour for 300 billable hours told us that he was slowly dying anyway, between the lack of actual restorative sleep, and the propofol itself.  As an MJ fan, that eventuality does not sound “better” to me.  This whole story is very cruel, but it is not the execs fault!

Did any of you ever bother to reassess the situation?  Mickey Mouse at Disneyland is my new hero!  In his new stage show, he eventually stops himself to ask “What am I Doing?” to reconsider his own actions.  I hope the children (and adults) in the audience take that moral lesson to heart and use it wisely in their lives.  This lawsuit is causing a lot of pain to a lot of people, and it is the Jackson family getting the worst of it, especially Katherine and his children.

I have seen even MJ fans cursing at mom and calling her the “B” word, is that what you want for her?  Is it worth it?  Is this what should be happening?


Katherine Jackson has clearly lost touch with reality.  A year ago she was kidnapped by half of her own children, transported to another state, cut off from communication, then went on TV to say that her children would not do that to her.  Does this in ANY way sound like someone who should be in charge of a Billion dollar lawsuit?  OR should be raising children?  How did we decide to accept such a low standard of sanity?  Did anyone have her checked out for demetia?


How are all eight of her adult children OK with her on the witness stand, clearly confused, contradictory and proven to be a liar?  When the lawyers presented the signed letter from September 2007 in reply to “People” magazine that Michael was fine, no intervention was considered or needed, apparently she was so “out of it” that she hardly reacted.  Clearly the letter is a contradiction to the “Jackson family” opening statement that “He was a drug addict for 25 years and everyone knew it.”

First of all, how the hell is that any kind of way to “seek justice” for your loved one, to come out and drag him through the mud yourself?  This case should have stopped right there, that should have been the end of it. 

Last year I WAS on the family’s side, I was very excited to attend my first “Real Jackson” concert.  We drove two hours in the desert in an unconditioned car to get there, I loved the show; it was great!  Never again, I find no “entertainment value” in this former entertainment family.   I am baffled, confused, angry and frankly find this family scary.

But most of all, I hope Michael’s children are able to escape this extreme dysfunctional thinking and have some hope to simply survive as adults.  In a nutshell, this family rejects all personal responsibility, ignores reality and dismisses evidence without thought, and that is a dangerous way to live.  That sounds like a good combination to invite the cons and criminals in.

The Jackson family has twisted the serenity prayer that should read:  God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to this new version found in the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine”: God, grant me the courage to change the things I cannot accept.


Where there should be something beautiful – Michael’s artistic legacy, there is ugliness, anger, revenge, sadness and blame. . . this is the legacy his family chooses for him.  It is time to remember him well, and to stop focusing on his death.  GO enjoy some “Thriller”, “Beat It” or “Smooth Criminal” today!


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